Love & Money Event

Love & Money Event

The art of balancing “success” in both private & business relationships.
Ibiza Retreat 25 – 28 October 2018

You are invited to the magical island of Ibiza, in a beautiful villa, surrounded by nature, where you will experience love, joy, intimacy, true connection and a sense of true luxury what only love and money together can bring.

“Only when both Love & Money flow in harmony with each other can you achieve real happiness, love and a true partnership in your life. “

Learning to master your Mind, Body and Heart

Love is the most beautiful emotion one can experience in life, but often in the modern world love is faced with problems when financial concerns arise. Fundamentally this is because most people believe that Love and Money are different, when in reality both Love and Money are entwined energies. Few people have learned to master the flow of Love & Money in harmony, but this special program is designed for you to clearly begin to see the connection between Love and Money in your life.

During the retreat, you will see the conditioning and false perceptions you have inherited from childhood through society and your culture, and you will learn how to “unlearn” these beliefs through personalized coaching and private interviews. You will unleash layers of self- sabotage and false programming, and you will reprogram your future in the way you want.
You will see the most important decision in your life is to choose the right partner. One partner can bring
you to prosperity and another to misery. Only once you master the love and money relationship will you be able to create the ‘Higher Love’.


Freedom to get down to Business

Before arriving in Ibiza, it’s likely most people have preconceived ideas of what to expect from the island, and with 50 years of press reporting of a non-stop party culture, that’s no surprise at all. But what if the stories you’d been told by the paparazzi are just a small part of the truth…?

During the ‘high season’ Ibiza attracts crowds of party revellers from all over the globe, including the rich and famous. However, whilst the party culture is still going very strong during the high season of July and August, you’ll be surprised at what’s really bubbling beneath the surface the rest of the year round.

Since the late 1950’s the infamous “White Isle” has been a collective hub of creatives, artists, writers, freedom thinkers and philanthropists. Although more recently you’re just as likely to cross paths with a tech start-up entrepreneur, a film producer, or even a former prime minister… which is why Ibiza is fast becoming the perfect mix of business and bohemia.

It’s no secret that through the years luxury brands and fashion houses have drawn from the beauty of the island’s beautiful landscapes, breath-taking sunsets and relaxed bohemian vibe.

The free-spirited effect Ibiza has on people offers a sanctuary from the fast-paced business world; a place that feels free unlike anywhere else on the globe, a place to think clearly and truly get creative. Ibiza inspires people to think differently.

In today’s society, entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders themselves, as well as their teams are faced with issues of burnout, stress and feelings of isolation.

The imitable atmosphere, pleasant year-round climate and beautiful scenery, is exactly what has been drawing businesses to Ibiza as the perfect destination for off-site business activities such as team building exercises, internal company conferences and marketing planning meetings.

Last year we saw Mercedes Benz hold their first fashion weekend in Ibiza, and more and more luxury brands are joining the island with the likes of Nobu and Seven Pines recently opening hotels on the island, soon be joined by the luxury W hotelier brand in 2019.

The island is seeing a rise in year-round co-working offices such as The Hub, Co-work Ibiza and The Business Space Ibiza. The Hilton owned Gran Montesol hotel has also become popular for all kinds of global business events and this summer BA opened it’s ‘Sala VIP Cap Des Falco’ lounge at Ibiza airport. So it’s clear the secret is out!

Not only is the island a perfect place to seek inspiration, but also to relax and explore the stunning scenery from the beautiful coast of untouched bays with turquoise waters to the abundance of nature. The island is steeped in culture and the cuisine is excellent year-round.

We’ve handpicked a selection of Ibiza’s finest villas to accommodate your team. As well as private luxury ensuite rooms, our villas offer ample versatile living space, perfectly suited for business meetings or group sessions. There are chillout areas for your team to relax, indoor and outdoor dining spaces for socialising and a team of professionals on hand to cater to all your needs.

Discover what Ibiza has in store for you…