Ibiza + Shopping = Love

Ibiza + Shopping = Love

Planning a trip to the White Isle? Ibiza offers dreamy boutiques, high street fashion and famous hippy markets to tantalise your shopping taste buds! #NoteToSelf #BringBigSuitcase

Shopping District

Ibiza town is without doubt where it’s at for shopaholics, offering something for everyone in terms of style, taste and budget (stop dribbling!)

For me, the most exciting shopping area is La Marina aka ‘old town’; this shop-spot along the port, is lined with chic boutiques packed with gorgeous clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery.

The historical ‘Dalt Vila’ is located just behind, where you’ll find local craft work, gift shops, boutiques and art galleries in abundance, along winding cobbled streets (FYI – heels = no-no!).

Vara Del Rey square offers more Ibizan shops and boutiques to check out, as well as my favourite ice-cream parlour, Gelato Ibiza (the pistachio gelato is To. Die. For!) Traditional ‘high street stores’ such as Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear etc. are also within easy walking distance.

Other pretty towns not to be missed include the beautiful Santa Gertrudis and bustling Santa Eulalia, which both offer a great array of boutiques and shops to explore too.

Ibizan Markets #BohoChic

Must-see markets, include Las Dalias Hippy Market in San Carlos, Mercadillo flea market in Sant Jordi and Punta Arabí Hippy Market in Es Caná. #IfYouKnowYouKnow

For me, Las Dalias, located moments before the village of San Carlos (North of the island), is without hesitation the coolest hippy market on the island. It’s the second largest, offering an array of handmade fashion, leatherwear and jewellery from local designers. With its authentic bohemian vibe, live music, bars and the famous restaurant serving delicious meals on the pretty wisteria clad terrace, the whole experience is #dreamy. Open every Saturday from 10am-6pm, and Monday and Tuesday nights throughout summer.

Mercadillo is a great flea market held every Saturday in Sant Jordi (South of the island); much loved by the locals; here you can get your hands on pretty much anything from second hand books to furniture, clothing, jewellery, plants, you name it. Open from 9am to 3pm every week.

Punta Arabí is set beneath the palm trees on winded paths in the heart of Es Cana. The original Ibizan hippy market (and the biggest!) is held on the grounds of Club Punta Arabi with live music and a great lively atmosphere. Stalls offer goods from all over the globe every Wednesday from April to October, 10am to 7pm.

Not booked somewhere to stay yet?

You’re in luck… we have an array of exclusive villas for you and your friends, as well as VIP servicesto make your stay one to remember!

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Hï. I like you (a lot!)

The closure of Ibiza’s most iconic super-club ‘Space’ last year was without doubt the end of a much loved era for dance music lovers across the globe. But party boys and girls… now’s the time to turn those crestfallen faces upside down, wave and scream ‘Hï’ as an exciting new era dawns in Ibiza clubland; Ushuaïa Entertainment opens the doors to it’s new superclub ‘Hï Ibiza’ for summer 2017 in the old ‘Space’ building in the heart of iconic Playa d’en Bossa.

According to ‘Hï Ibiza’s Website their new “state of the art venue will bring hedonistic nights with the world’s biggest DJs. Merging cutting-edge creativity with incredible music to produce a new kind of nightlife for Ibiza and the world. With laser-like focus Hï Ibiza stages unforgettable moments where everyone is part of the experience” (eeek!).

I scream, you scream, we all scream… for ‘High Scream’

Want to know more? Well… The High Scream production team (master-minds behind the dazzling shows at Ushuaia beach hotel) have been sharing the promo videos on their Facebook page for ‘Hï Ibiza’ since early February. Anyone who has experienced one of their shows at the famous beach hotel will know that with these guys behind-the-scenes, it’s safe to say we can expect ‘Hï Ibiza’ to introduce us to the “next phase in Ibiza club history”. 

‘Hï Ibiza’ have already amassed a whopping 25k followers on their Facebook page since it’s initial post on 1st February following a stream of hypnotizing Alice in Wonderland-esque videos promoting “crazy friends, wild rabbits, fancy dress, mixed drinks and summer vibes.”

Sold yet?!

Yes? Me too! The opening party takes place on Sunday 28th May, so get your card out book your flights and grab your tickets on the ‘Hï Ibiza’ website for a mere 60 euros, or “for those who are ready to experience a totally new level of luxury” you can  reserve a VIP table!! #RollOnSummer

Next up… Where to stay!? 

If you’re not sure where to stay, you’re in luck! We have an array of exclusive villas for you and your friends for the occasion, as well as VIP services to make your stay one to remember!

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Can’t make the opening party?

Worry not my friend!! There are plenty of other parties confirmed at ‘Hï Ibiza’ throughout this summer including Black Coffee, Martin Garrix, Glitterbox and just announced last week, Eric Pridz! #GetInvolved

Visit Hï’s website to check out their promo video

facebook/twitter/instagram – hiibizaofficial www.hiibiza.com

Super + Spacious: Luxurious Villa in Jesus Ibiza

Nostra Senyora de Jesús is a village on the northern side of Ibiza Bay, on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Jesús is located in the suburbs of Ibiza town, a mere 5 minutes away from the mighty Pacha, and you may be surprised to hear that it has some fab qualities that will make you want to hang out there.At the heart of this overspill is the white washed parish church of Nostra Mare de Jesús is considered the oldest church on the island. Despite the ever-expanding sprawl of Ibiza town, there is still an open vista of green fields and orchards towards the prominent hill of Dalt Vila of Ibiza town. Discover what people fell in love with when you rent a super and spacious luxurious villa in Jesus, Ibiza from Ibiza Business Management (IBM).

Find Your Own Super and Spacious Luxurious Villa in Jesus Ibiza

A spacious luxury villa in Jesus provides the type of holiday you and your loved ones will never forget. It will elevate your entire Ibiza experience from the merely great to the extraordinary and have you clearing time on your calendar to return again and again. When you rent a luxury villa in Jesus from IBM you can rest assured:

  • Your villa will occupy a prime location – Not only will your villa be spacious and luxurious you can also be sure it will occupy a prime location with a breathtaking view of the Southern Mediterranean. On a clear night you can view the Milky Way stretching across the sky above you and hear the distant cry of humpback whales skip across the water.
  • Every detail has been attended to – From linens to the batteries in the remote to the pH level of the pool water we take care of everything so that when you arrive you can get right down to the serious business of relaxing in style. We make regular maintenance checks of all the villas we manage to ensure everything is ready and at your service when you arrive.
  • We’re here to help – If there was something you forgot or you have questions about your villa or anything else related to your stay we’re here for you. From chauffeur services and incredible boat cruises, to private chef services directly in your luxury villa, we can secure for you the very best Ibiza has to offer. Our concierge service will ensure you want for nothing while you’re staying with us. So whether you need takeout food or wish to arrange a boat for an early morning fishing trip ring us up and we’ll arrange it.

super and spacious luxurious villas near Jesus, Ibiza are waiting for you. Let Ibiza Business Management host you into one of our exclusive luxury villas where you’ll be pampered from the moment you arrive until the moment you have to tear yourself away.

Your Source for Luxury Property for Rent in Sant Rafael Ibiza

The town of Sant Rafael, Ibiza is located near the island centre just off the main road that connects the port of Ibiza with San Antonio. To outsiders, especially younger tourists, Sant Rafael is known primarily as the location of 2 of the island’s most famous clubs; Privilege and Amnesia. As you might imagine however, the locals have a slightly different view of their sleepy town, and when you choose a luxury property for rent in Sant Rafael, Ibiza you’ll be able to enjoy as many sides of this charming and ancient village as you wish. 

Luxury Property for Rent Sant Rafael Ibiza 

Luxury property in Sant Rafael comes in many guises with the best known being the many stunning villas that dot the local hillsides. When you’re looking for luxury property for rent San Rafel , Ibiza look no further than Ibiza Business Management (IBM). We know the local market like the palm of our hand and have a deep well of contacts with local landlords. When you rent a luxury property through IBM:

  • You’ll never be blindsided by the unexpected – The Internet is rife with stories of people who rented vacation properties through the Net that they thought were fabulous only to discover upon arrival that they’ve been the victims of the bait and switch. That will never happen to you when you rent through IBM.
  • We’ll address all your questions and concerns – We’re here to listen to your concerns and answer as many questions as you may have. We understand 2 things about renting from a distance: 1) that you’re taking a chance renting from someone you’ve never met and 2) that our reputation rests on your satisfaction. So please, ask away.
  • You’ll know the cost before signing – You’ll know exactly what to expect regarding costs before you agree to anything. If there are maintenance, utility fees or taxes involved we’ll let you know up front. No one wants to receive a bill laden with head-scratching costs. That won’t happen when you rent through IBM.
  • You can be sure it is both safe and secure – The luxury properties we represent are all meticulously maintained so physical safety is never an issue. Each property is also equipped with a security system so you can sleep soundly and know that your valuables are safe while you’re out enjoying the island. 

The process of finding a luxury property for rent in Sant Rafael, Ibiza can be difficult or it can be seamless and smooth. If you’d like your rental process to go smoothly from start to finish contact IBM today. Total customer satisfaction is our only goal. 

When Seeking a Villa near Ibiza Town for Rent Call IBM

The history of Ibiza Town dates back to the 7th century BC when Phoenicians first arrived on the island. In time they gave way to a rogue’s gallery of conquerors including Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals and Byzantines. In the 9th century the Moors arrived and held sway over the town until being supplanted by Christians in the 13th century. The medieval cathedral of Dalt Vila which dominates the town today was erected not long after and the area around the cathedral was walled in during the 16th century. Today that area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Ibiza Town is a reminder that freedom is a precious commodity. It was after all writers, musicians, poets and artists seeking freedom of expression denied them in Franco’s Spain who migrated here in the 1950s and gave birth to the town’s vibrant cultural scene. These days the old town pulses with life and villas in the surrounding hills are some of the most sought after on the island.  

Finding the Ideal Villa Near Ibiza Town for Rent 

Finding a villa near Ibiza Town for rent however is not a task you’ll want to undertake without the right estates agent on your side: one with a comprehensive knowledge of the local market. At Ibiza Business Management (IBM) we know Ibiza to its roots. We know each and every villa on the island and offer only the best to our clients. Every villa near Ibiza Town for rent that we offer: 

  • Is a True Villa – Not a terraced house being marketed as a villa. Every one of our prime villas is a spacious detached home on a private lot with copious floor space and often breathtaking views. You’ll never wind up in a “villa” above a nightclub or with neighbours who can be heard through the walls. We don’t play marketing games. We rent luxury villas.
  • Is in a Quiet Location – Whether on the coastal plains to the north and south of town or on the lush hillsides to the west each villa we offer for rent or sale is conveniently located in a quiet neighbourhood where you can take in the sun at poolside while the chef prepares your gourmet dinner. You won’t be awakened by construction noise or late night revellers.
  • Is Close but Not Too Close to the Action – One of the major draws of any villa near Ibiza Town for rent is that you’ll be close to numerous cultural attractions, 5-star restaurants and a vibrant club scene without being on top of them. A few minutes’ drive will have you back at your villa where you can pass the night in comfort and tranquillity.  

Any villa near Ibiza Town for rent is going to sound tempting but you need to be able to trust the agency offering the property lest you wind up with a holiday you’d rather forget instead of one you’ll always remember. Trust IBM to place you in the villa of your dreams. It’s what we do.

The Gold Standard of Ibiza Estate Agents

Ibiza is that rarest of places in the 21st century: a true island paradise just hours from the hustle and bustle of some of the world’s most important cities. As a result, discerning individuals from all corners of the globe look to Ibiza to provide one-of-a-kind holidays or as a place where they can secure a permanent refuge from the cares of an increasingly complex world. Because of the demands put on the local estates market you should never attempt to rent a luxury villa in Ibiza or secure a property here without having an agency on your side with vast knowledge of the local scene. Ibiza Business Management (IBM) is that agency. 

Why the Ibiza Estate Agents You Choose Matters 

When navigating such an historic and developed market you need Ibiza estate agents that have a comprehensive understanding of the situation on the ground. Agents with deep roots in the local community who understand that true high-quality homes, whether for rent or purchase, are not created every day and not every property is worth the asking price. Your Ibiza estate agents need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and provide you with a selection of properties that fit your exacting standards regarding prime location, build quality and upkeep. When your rent or purchase through IBM you can be sure: 

  • We care about your satisfaction.We understand if we put the client first the rest will take care of itself.
  • We work on your schedule and are always available to answer questions and address concerns. We’ll stick with you to ensure you find the right villa to fit your needs.
  • We make sure you understand every nuance of the rental agreement. If you are purchasing we stand by you at every step to ensure you understand what’s at stake before proceeding.
  • We will never misrepresent a property to you and will always operate in a way that protects your interests above all else.
  • We don’t offer sub-optimal properties and don’t rent the luxury villas we represent to party people who will disrupt the neighbourhood. 

At IBM we market a selection of Ibiza’s most unique and in-demand properties. Each villa is located on the island’s idyllic south side where breathtaking coves are kissed with morning fog rolling off the hillsides and gated roads ensure privacy and security. We are able to offer superior properties because we’ve patiently cultivated relationships with the island’s best, most responsible landlords who know they can count on us to deliver equally responsible renters or prospective buyers.

Contact Ibiza Business Management 

If you are planning a holiday in Ibiza and wish to rent a premium villa for the occasion contact Ibiza Business Management today. We’re the Ibiza estate agents more sophisticated travellers rely on to ensure their days in the sun are days they never forget. 

Taking the Measure of Luxurious Villas for Rent Es Cavallet in Ibiza

Ibiza is a place where past and present co-exist in peace and harmony, where the high and mighty find refuge and where families unwind in beautifully appointed villas overlooking the sea. It also has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and Es Cavallet beach is the crème de la crème. Gentle waves lap against the pristine white sand at Es Cavallet where celebrities are often seen mingling with locals. The central area of the beach is officially clothing optional and at the far end there is an active gay scene. Luxurious villas for rent at Es Cavallet in Ibiza are much in demand and at Ibiza Business Management (IBM) we offer some of the best. 

Luxurious Villas for Rent Es Cavallet in Ibiza from IBM 

Renting a luxury villa at Es Cavallet allows you to get the absolute most out of your Ibiza holiday. Here are some of the things you can expect when renting a luxury villa from IBM:

  • You’ll want for nothing Many who stay in our luxury villas want access to the water and nowhere on the island is this more evident than in the region of Es Cavallet beach. If you’d like to rent a boat and hire a crew let us know in advance. We’ll have a fully staffed boat waiting when you arrive.
  • Your villa will be scrupulously maintained, cleaned from corner to corner and have all the latest conveniences. We regularly inspect all properties under our management to ensure everything is in perfect working order including Wi-Fi, air conditioning and all appliances. This ensures you a stay that is incident free.
  • Your safety and security is a top priority so each of our luxurious villas for rent in Es Cavallet in Ibiza has a top quality alarm system that is monitored around the clock. Although the number of burglaries is decreasing in Ibiza it’s important to know security measures are in place in case you need them.
  • All of our luxurious villas for rent in Es Cavallet in Ibiza are just a short jog to the beach. Some are frontline properties close to the water, while others are in gated communities on the hillsides with panoramic views of Es Cavallet and Formentera Island to the south. If you like you can choose a villa set halfway between Es Cavallet and Ibiza Town for maximum convenience. 

Es Cavallet is not only one of the world’s great beaches heralded by locals and visiting movie stars alike, it’s also a protected nature reserve where you can enjoy a host of natural splendours that will lift the spirit. IBM is proud to offer top-of-the-line luxurious villas for rent at Es Cavallet in Ibiza to our clients from around the world. We’re sure that once you avail yourself of the many treasures Es Cavallet has to offer anything else just won’t measure up. 

Set Your Dreams in Motion with Luxury Villa Rentals in Ibiza

Ibiza is like no place on earth. This stunning island enclave located in the Mediterranean 150km east of Valencia is perpetually bathed in sunlight and warm breezes and anchored by Ibiza Town; a magical medieval enclave and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discerning holiday makers come from all over the world to unwind in this island paradise and we make it easy for them to do so by offering some of the most breathtaking luxury villas for rent in Ibiza. 

The Ibiza Business Management Difference 

Ibiza is not like other tourist destinations. In order to unlock its secrets you need an agency with deep roots on the island and a comprehensive knowledge of the local scene. Over the years Ibiza Business Management (IBM) have cultivated strong relationships with the island’s property owners and developed an equally strong reputation amongst renters for providing only the best villas at competitive market rates. Every property we represent is located in a prime area in the southern portion of the island and is meticulously maintained ensuring you a trouble-free holiday. 

There are any number of rental companies operating on the island who can place you into any old house. The reason our clients select luxury villas for rent in Ibiza through IBM is because they’re in search of the unforgettable. The IBM difference includes:

  • A High Degree of Personal Attention – From the moment you first contact us until the time you depart the island you’ll understand what true customer care is. Our focus on total customer satisfaction sets us apart from the crowd and is one of the reasons clients return to us year after year. 
  • A Full Range of Services – Whether you’d like to hire a boat, bring in a chef to regale your guests with the island’s culinary delights, contract a driver or arrange for security while on the island we handle it for you. We push the envelope of service and make sure you’re pampered at every turn.
  • Skilled Intermediaries – Every one of our agents has talents that extend beyond the office. We facilitate your arrival, make ourselves available throughout your stay, secure the services you need and act as intermediaries between yourself and the property owner. There is nothing like having local experience in your corner.
  • We Never Close – We’re here to make things happen for you, to answer your questions, to provide for your needs and to ensure your stay in Ibiza is memorable and trouble free. Some companies dump you at the door and disappear. That’s not us. You will be pampered from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart. 

The Best Source for Luxury Villas for Rent in Ibiza 

No other rental company has the quality luxury villas for rent in Ibiza that IBM offer. Our luxurious rental properties are a cut above and we provide the services to match. Call us on (+34) 971 508 708 and set your Mediterranean dreams in motion.

Luxury Holiday Villas for Rent in Ibiza

Ibiza. The White Isle. Surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Western Mediterranean and swathed in warm breezes from the South Ibiza is where the world’s most discerning individuals go to unwind and rejuvenate. The perfect balance of yesterday and today makes Ibiza a destination unlike any other with cutting edge dance clubs co-existing with UNESCO World Heritage sites and stunning nature reserves. Luxury holiday villas in Ibiza for rent open this island paradise to you in a way that will leave an indelible mark on your soul and have you returning time and again.

World Class Luxury Holiday Villas in Ibiza for Rent

Ibiza Business Management (IBM) offer an unparalleled selection of luxury holiday villas for rent. Some are nestled into breathtaking coves at the end of private roads, others provide awe-inspiring vistas across the sea that you can enjoy from the comfort and privacy of your villa poolside. All provide what you want most from an Ibiza holiday: luxurious contentment.

Every luxury villa IBM offer for rent is an expression of the heart and soul of the island itself. Each is a unique architectural creation that celebrates its site and allows you to enjoy unfettered views of the countryside, historic Ibiza Town or the timeless Mediterranean whose waves caress Ibiza’s white sands just as they have since the beginning.

When you choose a luxury villa from IBM you’ll enjoy:

  • Unsurpassed tranquillity – There’s nowhere else on planet earth where you can unwind and recharge as effectively as Ibiza. There are sights, sounds and activities to satisfy every taste. But perhaps the one activity most visitors to Ibiza treasure more than any other is simple relaxation and you’ll find your luxury villa provides that in excess.
  • Prime locations – All of our villas are located in the coveted southern end of the island where ancient hillsides embrace the sea and stunning valleys provide refuge from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. Many of our luxury holiday villas in Ibiza for rent are located on private roads monitored 24/7 by professional security guards. Many others are in exclusive neighbourhoods in Ibiza Town where all the island’s charms are at your fingertips.
  • Unabashed opulence – We make no apologies for embracing luxury. The properties we offer exude opulent sophistication and exhort you to revel in exclusive levels of comfort. Each villa seems to have been lifted from the pages of a luxury lifestyle magazine and indeed many have been featured in just such publications.

You can spend your time trying to discover hidden jewels in the well-worn corners of the earth or you can embrace the diamond in the Mediterranean. For more information regarding luxury holiday villas in Ibiza for rent contact IBM on (+34) 971 508 708 or email us at desk@ibizabusinessmanagement.com. All correspondence are kept completely confidential.

Open Yourself to Spacious Luxury Property for Rent in Sa Carroca Ibiza

Finding just the right place to unwind today is no easy task. Ibiza is where fun and relax meet. Ibiza is where the past and present live in harmony. Ibiza is where you’ll find the perfect Mediterranean villa awaiting you with open arms. There are less expensive places to go on planet earth. There are more easily accessible places. But there’s only one Ibiza. At Ibiza Business Management (IBM) we provide spacious luxury property for rent in Sa Carroca, Ibiza where the sky kisses the land and carries your cares away.

Peerless and Spacious Luxury Property for Rent in Sa Carroca Ibiza 

From its hillsides Sa Carroca provides a wealth of views across the Ibiza landscape to historic Ibiza Town and beyond. But Sa Carroca doesn’t stop there. It extends down to the coastal plain where you’ll find one of the Mediterranean’s most desirable stretches of pristine sand, known locally as Bossa Beach and Las Salinas beach. When you rent a luxury property in Sa Carroca from Ibiza Business Management you get more that a pretty house you get:

  • Access – Any and all of our spacious luxury property for rent in Sa Carroca, Ibiza take full advantage of what the area has to offer including proximity to the island’s best restaurants and nightlife. Have your driver chauffeur you between the hottest clubs or take in a movie at the incredible, open air Cinema Paradiso; located under the stars at the foot of the old city’s medieval walls.
  • Tranquillity – In Sa Carroca you’re close to everything yet far enough away so that, at the end of the evening, you can retire to the total peace and quiet of your villa. All of our spacious luxury properties in Sa Carroca are located in prime neighbourhoods away from the clamour of the club scene. If you’re only goal while staying on the island is to relax you’ll find our luxury properties to be the perfect environment.
  • Exclusivity – It’s true. Our spacious luxury property for rent in Sa Carroca Ibiza is not available to everyone and we fully intend to keep it that way. When you rent one of our luxury villas you’re enjoying an exclusivity that allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality and service. So sit back and let yourself be pampered. Allow us to provide for your every need and drink in the ambiance, the history and the charm. 

Spacious luxury property for rent in Sa Carroca Ibiza is not the sort of thing your average tourist will partake of. It’s an exclusive experience, even a privilege, that’s enjoyed only by a select few. IBM are the Ibiza luxury rental experts. Let us provide you with a luxury holiday property that you’ll remember through the years. Call us on (+34) 971 508 708 and open yourself up to life’s possibilities.