Rent your villa to IBM!

IBM operates internationally as a realtor focusing on providing clients and investors with the highest quality real estate opportunities, both in the rental and sales markets.

What can we do for you?

Summer rentals

This activity provides you with the opportunity to rent out your property for the entire year or, at your choice, for the summer season with a guaranteed income.

If you rent your property to us, granting us permission to sub-let it, you will benefit from an assured income whilst avoiding the rental process headaches.

We will provide a full service ranging from the logistics of greeting new renters to ensuring the state and condition of your property after their departure, giving you peace of mind that your property is being well cared for whilst it produces income.


Should you also be looking to sell your property, renting it through IBM will allow you to take advantage of our well-established client base and dedicated marketing team. As we strive to ensure the best economic benefit for you. Our network consists of the highest calibre of clients, we will market your property to realistic potential buyers and secure the best possible price.